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Glynn K. Solomon, DDS, FAGD, Fellow Academy of General Dentistry


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Children's Dentistry

We love kids! Dr. Solomon and his staff are keenly aware that children cannot be treated the same as adults, and children can certainly be overwhelmed in a dental office. Dr. Solomon has two children of his own, and therefore realizes that they understand dentistry on their level. Thus, their cooperation is much greater when the drill is explained as a "tooth whistle", and shots are "bubbles blown with a mosquito bite", not a needle.

Parents who reinforce this gentler verbage with their child will find them to be much more cooperative during dental procedures. While we also employ an "open operatory" policy in our office by allowing parents to be present in the treatment room during dental procedures, we encourage parents to allow their child independence with their dental care.

Children want to be "grown up" and they will behave that way more without a parent at there side during treatment. This makes their visit safer & go quicker. Dr. Solomon will not force treatment on any child, and if he thinks that your child cannot receive dental treatment in a safe and untraumatic manner, then an appropriate referral to a pedodontist (children's dental specialist) will be made. Dr. Solomon successfully treats 98-99% of his pediatric patients who may range from 2 to 102 years of age! We would love to help lay the foundation for your childs dental health as their dental care provider.

Remember that sealants are a great way to help prevent cavities in children, especially with their "taste buds" for candies and sweets. Sealants are a protective coating that we place on children's permanent molars as they erupt, so that we can help prevent cavities. No shots or drilling are required... or should I say, no "bubbles with mosquito bites", or use of a "tooth whistle" is required!