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Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are changing the face of routine dental appointments. The intraoral camera gives the patient a unique view of each tooth - enabling them to understand diagnoses and make informed treatment decisions.

The intraoral camera is connected to the operatory computer and to that specific patients record. A pen-sized wand is inserted into the mouth, and photos of the inner mouth are created. These photos are taken in a very high resolution that magnifies them more than 30x to allow every aspect of the teeth to be viewed in full color. The intraoral camera is an incredibly valuable tool, which brings dentistry to life. The intraoral camera is one of the most useful and versatile diagnostic tools available. 

How can the intraoral camera help?

Utilizing intraoral cameras is a completely comfortable process for patients, and provides an honest assessment of the teeth. Here are some of an intraoral camera’s main uses:

  • Dental education 
  • Exposing hidden problems 
  • Treatment planning 
  • Assessing progress 
  • Eliminating uncertainty
  • Referrals to specialists 
  • Insurance claims   

If you have any questions or concerns about the intraoral camera, please let us know.


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